As one ages, the lip contours become dehydrated and lose précision. This leads to dehydration of the very fine lines which frame the contours of the lips perpendicularly.

Women will become particularly aware of the appearance when they apply makeup. Lipstick will «slip” along the lips, which necessitates 2 applications to improve the lip contour.

  • A cross-linked hyaluronic acid therapy designed to be subtle, and to minimize any change in the volume of the lip (volumizing), will harmoniously redraw the lip contour. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia. It takes about fifteen minutes to redraw the contours of the upper and lower lips. This treatment is generally renewed once a year.
  • Lipofilling treatment is another alternative. In performing a treatment for perioral wrinkles, a nano-lipofilling is preferable for greater precision, and results in a more superficial treatment without any volumizing effect. Indeed, in this treatment, the objective is to achieve a rehydration effect by improving the skin texture.