As one ages, the length of the white upper lip will lengthen gradually and tends to give a « tired » look appearance to the mouth. It is a mistake to inject the upper lip with volumizing products to attain a red lip. Indeed, the increase in weight of the lip, linked to the injection of the products, tends to lengthen the upper lip even more than originally.

The preferred therapeutic treatment of the upper lip, is called “lip lifting”.

This is an operation that can be carried out under local anesthesia, but, as in all cases, is done in an operating room for the patient’s safety and benefit.

The scar is hidden in the nasal threshold and is extremely discreet. Points are removed on the 7th postoperative day. There is usually no need for further care.

The procedure causes lip swelling (edema) immediately after the operation. However, the results, after the edema subsides, are impressive and the mouth presents a truly rejuvenated appearance without the “surgical look.”