The chin plays a significant role in the structure of the face. Different anatomical variations exist:
If the projection is too prominent and the chin extends too far out, the condition is known as mandibular prognathism.

Mandibular prognathism requires a surgical treatment. A reduction genioplasty will help reduce the chin prominence.

When the chin lacks projection and is too far back, it is called retrogenia. Retrogenia is described as meaning that the angle of the neck and the chin does not exist. The face lacks character and the neck looks much thicker. Over time, a minor retrogenia will intensify and increase the loss of the angle of the chin and the neck.

Different solutions can be considered to correct a retrogenia:

Hyaluronic acid injections will help recreate the missing volumes in the chin. A product especially suited for this area should be used The correction needs to allow for sufficient reticulation to bear a certain amount of strain and have sufficient volumizing power to create the desired volume. The injections are performed in the office, during a consultation, and the result can be immediately appreciated. Hyaluronic acid contains a local anesthetic so that the injections are painless. Patients will not need to avoid social interactions. Injections should be renewed once a year.

Lipofilling can also be used in order to treat a retrogenia. The procedure will be carried out in the operation room, in the day care department. A chin lipofilling is frequently associated with a cervical lift in order to obtain an optimal result. As it is the case for every lipofilling, edema will appear after the treatment. It should be noted that edema rarely appears after a retrogenia treatment with hyaluronic acid.

– An implant may be necessary in case of major retrogenia. Such a procedure is carried out in the operating room, in the day care department. In case of an augmentation genioplasty with prosthesis, the incision is made inside the mouth or under the chin. Doctor Rajao uses Medpore prosthesis, tailored to each particular case. Contrary to breast implants whose envelope may deteriorate over time, these solid prosthesis are life-lasting and there is no need to change them. The intervention can be associated with a face and neck lift or a rhinoplasty in case of profile-plasty.