Over time, the skin of the neck and of the décolleté loses its tone. Although extremely delicate, this skin is very often disregarded and aging marks appear earlier.

In every case, skin which is exposed to sun excess, often with little or no protection, usually suffers from dehydration and develops fine lines giving it a wrinkled look.

The first steps taken to treat cutaneous slackening in the neck and the décolleté areas consist of prevention. Smoking deteriorates thin skins by weakening their cutaneous vascularization. Sun exposure may result in the appearance of photo aging, a destruction of collagen fibers, which can cause a cutaneous slackening and should be avoided as much as possible in order to prevent skin aging.

A preventive treatment with mesotherapy will help maintain delicate skin. This kind or preventive treatment should be practiced by everyone in order to preserve the capital youth of the skin. One session per year will be sufficient to maintain its hydration level, if necessary.

As a therapeutic treatment, mesotherapy will help improve skin quality and reduce the settled lines. Some hyaluronic acid brands recently launched different lines targeting skin quality treatments. They were conceived in order to help enhance skin trophicity and reduce the lines while rehydrating the dermis deeply. Using hyaluronic acid specifically treating the weakened and thin skins enables the results obtained with mesotherapy to be optimized.