The disappearance of the angle of the face and the neck are due to aging.

A good definition of this angle, created by the junction between the chin and the neck, gives the face dynamic and aesthetic dimension.

The different factors contributing to its disappearance can be treated separately in an isolated way, or as a whole during a combined treatment:

1) A sub mental excess fat deteriorates the angle of the chin and the neck.

This excess fat may be hereditary and appear as early as at 20 years of age. It can also appear in a constitutional way over time. In every case, a close examination of this excess fat should be carried out:

  • A subcutaneous excess fat situated behind the skin and in front of the platysma muscles of the neck will be treated with a liposuction. The surgery is performed under general or local anaesthesia in the day care department. There is no specific bandage, but a constrictive band should be worn for about 8 days. The scars are very discreet. They measure between 3 to 4 mm and are situated under the chin and behind the ears.
    If sub muscular excess fat exists behind the platysma muscles, a longer scar occurs and is situated in the under chin fold. This procedure is called a platysmaplasty. It can be carried out in an isolated way, or combined with a neck lift in case of excess skin. Platysmaplasty is performed under general anaesthesia in the day care department , which allows the patient to leave hospital the same day of the surgery. There is no specific care after the surgery. The final result can be appreciated within 3 to 6 months after the surgery.

2) A retrogenia deteriorates the angle of the chin and the neck. The projection of the chin serves to support the horizontal plane of the chin and to give a good definition to the cervical angle. When the chin is too far back, it is necessary to treat the retrogenia in order to obtain a satisfying angle of the chin and the neck.

3) Sagging tissues in the neck due to aging give the neck and the cervical angle a sagging appearance. The lack of definition of the sagging cervical angle gives the face and the neck a tired look without tonicity. Different solutions can be considered to correct this cutaneous slackening:

  • A global treatment based on mesotherapy will help improve skin trophicity. The treatment was developed to enhance skin quality. Regarding the face, the neck and the décolleté, polyvitamins and hyaluronic acid can be combined and used as courses of treatment with 2 to 3 injection sessions. This treatment does not aim at redefining the angle of the chin and the neck, but was developed to improve the cutaneous envelope as a whole.
  • The surgical procedure designed to correct cutaneous slackening consists of  lift of the neck and the lower face in order to reshape the angle of the neck and the chin. The skin and the platysma muscles of the neck will be retightened and repositioned in order to create a dynamic and tonic neck. A neck lift can be associated with a treatment of the retrogenia and a cervical excess fat correction.

These 3 techniques can be combined in order to obtain an optimal result.