Over time, located contractions of the platysma muscles of the neck, called platysmal bands, appear in the neck area.

The platysma muscles of the neck extend over the height of the neck from the mandibular edge to the chest. By contracting, these unsightly platysmal bands pull down the tissues of the face and accentuate face and neck tissues sagging.

The current treatment can be medical or surgical:

  • A medical treatment consists in botulinum toxin injections , developed to relax the contracture platysma muscles. The injection points are distributed on the bands visible at rest and when contractured.
  • On the other hand, the surgical treatment consists of a neck lift. The procedure consists of treating the platysmal bands and removing skin excess in the neck area. The neck will be rejuvenated and enhanced as a whole. The jowls and the angle of the chin and the neck can also be treated during the procedure.