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Plastic and aesthetic surgery in Paris

Aesthetic and plastic surgeon in Paris




Aesthetic surgery

I am Doctor Natalie Rajaonarivelo, a plastic surgeon in Paris specialized in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery procedures.

Le Docteur Rajaonarivelo au bloc opératoire

Contrary to what has been frequently said in the media, aesthetic surgery is far from being superficial and offers a great wellbeing to many men and women. Sometimes, one surgery is all it takes to a change a patient's life.

Patients often explain to me they wish to have a rhinoplasty, a lifting or a breast augmentation, but above all, they say they do not want the change to show. They are looking for a natural result. I never aim at creating an ideal canon of beauty but a harmony, whether it concerns the face or the silhouette.

Consultation post opératoire augmentation mammaire

Young women mainly request breast surgery (breast augmentation or breast reduction),  silhouette surgery and aesthetic medicine. On the other hand, older women are mostly interested in face surgery (eyelids or lifting), but they also ask for aesthetic medicine. Aesthetic medicine and silhouette surgery (gynecomastia, liposuction) are much sought after by men.

As a plastic surgeon based in France, I practice surgery procedures in two modern and comfortable medical facilities, the Clinique Turin in Paris and in the Clinique Hartmann in Neuilly sur Seine.

Aesthetic medicine

Correction des cernes par injection d'acide hyaluronique

Consultations and aesthetic medicine treatments are carried out in my office: filling with hyaluronic acid injections, wrinkles treatment with botulinum toxin, mesotherapy and peels.

In my team, patients always are in contact with the same persons and they greatly appreciate this individualized care.

I think as a woman surgeon I offer different sensitivity and listening in a predominantly male occupation.

Injection de toxine botulique pour le traitement des rides

I aspire to create the image patients have of themselves and the harmony they may lack. Thanks to technological developments (Vectra 3D simulation, laser analysis of the quality of the skin) and new medical and surgical techniques, I can offer a global, optimized and custom treatment.

Patients often come to me saying "I think I'm looking sad" or "I think I'm looking tired", "I'm looking strict", "Is it possible to make my face look younger?", "What could you do to make my sagging face oval look better?" "Is it possible to make my breast look better?" I explain to them how aging affects the tissues and we consider the surgical or aesthetic medicine options that would meet their expectations.

Pose de fils tenseurs

It is normal for my patients to have many questions about aesthetic and reconstructive surgery procedures. How is the procedure performed? How long does it last, what is the follow-up?


I created this website to provide answers to these questions and clear and detailed information on the procedures I practice as a surgeon. I wish you a very pleasant visit.



Dr Natalie Rajaonarivelo

Last update : 2015/11/9

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