Women say that their thighs and hips are two of the areas of the body that they are most unhappy with. Many of them seem to be particularly bothered by the sagging appearance of their inner thighs and by “orange peel” skin (cellulite).

Similarly to the inner arms, the inner thighs are another area that can give women a complex because the inner muscles of the thighs are very difficult to target with physical exercise. The skin is also thin, which causes sagging skin to develop in this area more easily.

Sagging skin on the thighs is characterized by drooping skin that lacks tone. It can become wrinkled in some cases and with age. This phenomenon is more prominent in women who have lost a dramatic amount of weight or lost a lot of weight very quickly. The thighs are also an area where cellulite is common.

Even if the skin is a very flexible organ, repetitive or very significant changes in weight affect its quality. As a result, sometimes it does not return to its original shape. Skin ptosis in the thighs is sometimes caused by a general lack of physical activity. Skin aging is another cause: the skin naturally loses its firmness and its full appearance over the years. Excessive sun exposure can also break down collagen, causing the skin to become thinner. Finally, cellulite is generally due to poor circulation and/or water retention.

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