Breast malformation

Breast abnormalities start to appear during puberty, when the breasts begin to grow. These abnormalities are often seen as negative aspects and are psychologically hard to live. Often, young girls and women are left alone to deal with their problem because it is hard to talk to others or get help from people around them. Adolescence is a very important time in ones life and these defects can cause psychological complex and social blockings resulting in severe consequences in the future.

During a consultation, it always helps patients on a psychological level to find out that there is an actual solution to their problems.

Breast abnormalities primarily result from:

  • Tuberous breasts (abnormal breast shape): this uncommon deformity results in misshapen breasts and is often asymmetric and of varying volume (hypo or hypertrophy). In the case of confirmed tuberous breasts, treatment is possible and consists in inserting a breast implant.
  • Poland’s syndrome (abnormal breast development): this extremely rare deformity results in the absence of breast development on one side and therefore severe, disabling breast asymmetry. Treatment of this severe breast asymmetry is normally systematically available on the French National Health Service.

However, there are other breast abnormalities that exist:

  • Amastia
    This is when women do not have any breasts. In this kind of scenario, a request for prior agreement can be arranged for a partial coverage by one’s health insurance.
  • Inverted nipples
    Nipples are stimulated by the cold or by mechanical stimulation and then become protuberant.  In some cases however, the nipples do not react to stimuli and remain inverted.
  • Supernumerary nipples
    Residual nipples, resulting from embryonic development of the mammary ridges may exist from the armpit to the groin on the same side. They can usually be removed  under a local anesthetia.
  • Breast asymmetry
    Breast asymmetry is very common in the population (over 30% of women). Most of the time, the asymmetry is discreet and does not require treatment. Other cases however, show a large difference in shape and/or volume in which a surgery is required (either a breast augmentation, breast reduction or a breast lift mastopexy).


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