Lengthening of the upper lip

The mouth is a strategic and extremely mobile and sensual part of the face, essential for smiling and talking.

A fundamental component of the face, the lips play a prominent role in human relations. We use them to express our emotions and feelings, and as a means of seduction. Essential in communication, our lips enable us to make various sounds.

The lips have many functions and are made up of the orbicularis oris muscle in addition to numerous other muscles that enable it to move. The orofacial muscles ensure the correct functioning: levator and depressor muscles of the lips of which some insert in the neck.

The mouth comprises an upper and a lower lip, each made up of 2 parts: the « white lip » (the skin) and the « red lips » (mucosa).

Other than the appearance of vertical wrinkles or bitterness folds in women, more rarely in men, the skin between the base of the nose and the upper lip, the white lip (moustache area), tends to lengthen with age. This lengthening of the upper lip changes the proportions and the harmony of the face and is primarily due to a loss of tissue tone and thus the tissue tends to sag. The mouth is particularly mobile and suffers the effects of time more rapidly.

As a result of this sagging, the upper lip becomes thinner, appears less plump than before, and gives the impression of an overall loss of volume of the mouth. The lips look pursed, turned in, resulting in a severe, less feminine, and less friendly appearance.

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