Breast surgery

Breasts are extremely important for the female body image. In addition to being a secondary sexual organ and a symbol of motherhood, they are a very important part of the aesthetic dimension of the female body.

Women’s bodies are more exposed than ever before. The interest in breast surgery and desire for change has increased dramatically as the results can now be very natural. Breast surgery includes all cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgical procedures.

Cosmetic breast surgery

Breasts which are too small or not present (breast hypoplasia), breasts which are too large (breast hypertrophy), asymmetric breasts, sagging breasts and retracted nipples (nipples which never erect) are all imperfections and malformations that can be resolved with cosmetic breast surgery. It should be noted that retracted nipples, breast reduction and sometimes asymmetry may be covered in part by French national health insurance.

Breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction surgery includes the correction of proven deformities (tuberous breast, Poland anomaly) and surgeries performed after breast cancer. These surgeries are designed to reconstruct the breast after a lumpectomy (partial surgery of the breast) or after a mastectomy (complete removal of the breast). Breast reconstruction surgery is sometimes covered in part by health insurance if there is a prior agreement with the insurance provider.

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