Valley of tears

The tear trough (or valley of tears) is the dip (or hollow) that gradually forms over time below the dark circles under the eyes, between the top of the nose and the cheekbone; exactly where tears flow before rolling down the cheeks. It is an area affected by skin aging and loses its shape as the years go by.

Skin aging and the resulting changes in muscle and fat, but also significant weight loss can result in the hollowing of the tear troughs. As with jowls, nasolabial folds or bitterness folds, the facial fat sags or decreases in this area, creating a dip. Sagging due to facial fat melting and gravity is accentuated by the overall loss of tone of the dermis due to the decreasing production of collagen and elastin.

A pronounced, hollow tear trough takes away the youthfulness and clarity of the face, making it look sad and above all tired, lacking dynamism, and older. It also results in other consequences and especially accentuates the nasolabial folds.

Even if the expression lines around the eyes often appear first, the tear trough can develop from the age of 30. It gradually worsens with time, but to varying degrees depending on genetics, hygiene, and lifestyle.

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