Women : Belly, Abdomen

Although there are a wide variety of body shapes and figures (athletic, slim, stocky, muscular, plump, etc.), women are naturally prone to store fat on the hips, buttocks and thighs. Some women may also gain fat on the stomach and abdomen. These bulges or fat deposits can become stubborn and they may be difficult to remove despite our attempts. It is not unusual for them to cause frustration and even complexes, as our body appears less proportionate and wearing close-fitting clothes becomes a challenge.

A layer of fat underneath the skin is completely normal, and its thickness varies from person to person. The adipose cells – or adipocytes – which make up this layer of fat are specialized in storing fat, and their size changes depending on energy intake. In theory, this means that if the body burns more energy than it consumes, it will not store fat.

In women, hormones play an essential role in distributing and storing fat. A hormonal imbalance can therefore cause fat gain in the abdominal area, but age (slower metabolism), the menopause, a lack of physical activity, an excessively rich diet, stress, etc. can also be responsible. Pregnancies and the major changes that occur in weight and the shape of the abdomen also contribute. Some women do not manage to regain their pre-pregnancy flat stomach even months after birth.

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