In men and women, jowls are a mixture of excess fat and a lack of firmness of the dermis and are located on the lower part of the face, jaw, and each side of the chin. Almost everyone develops at least minor jowls as they get older and the skin loses elasticity.

Several factors, including heredity, facial anatomy, stress, repetitive facial habits, and lifestyle choices, can result in the appearance of jowls more or less pronounced, and this at almost any age.

Jowls are one of numerous signs of facial aging because as we get older, we also lose facial fat. The face becomes emaciated, the temples hollow, the cheekbones also lose volume. Due to this loss of volume, but also tone (the dermis produces less and less collagen and elastin fibres) and due to gravity, the face sags and the volumes are reversed. The nasolabial folds, located between the nose and the corners of the lips, intensify resulting in the formation of jowls and bitterness folds.

The jowls are accentuated by the action of powerful depressor muscles on the lateral side of the mouth, located at the angle of the mouth and the platysma muscle of the neck. This tired, sagging appearance is even more visible with a slender, not very prominent chin. The wider and squarer the jaw, the more it plays a role of bulwark against tissue sagging.

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