It is not only the skin on the face that suffers from the effects of passing time and oxidative stress. The skin on our body also becomes damaged, losing elasticity and tone.

The internal causes of this sagging skin are similar for the skin on the body: the fibroblasts – support cells found in the dermis – become lazy. They begin to produce decreasing amounts of collagen, elastin fibers and hyaluronic acid, which are essential for toned, supple and hydrated skin. The skin gradually loses firmness, becomes weakened and dries out. With age, muscle mass is also lost, leading to skin ptosis.

External factors also make the phenomenon of slackening skin more prominent: pollution, sun exposure, smoking, alcohol consumption or significant weight changes (yo-yo diets, pregnancies, etc.) affect the quality of the body skin.

This phenomenon affects the skin in certain areas more easily, such as the inner arm, particularly in women. The triceps skin is very thin and has to work a lot when the body moves, but, ironically, the triceps muscles are quite difficult to build up, causing the arms to become gradually less firm and the skin sags. Gravity intensifies this process.

From an esthetic perspective, this can be a real concern for patients and can cause functional discomfort if there is a very significant amount of excess skin.

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