Lip contour

From the age of about twenty, our body produces 1% less collagen each year. At the same time, the amount of elastin and hyaluronic acid also decreases. The skin on the face and particularly around the mouth becomes more delicate, finer, less elastic, and less toned resulting in the aging of the lip contour.

A fundamental component of the face, the lips play a prominent role in human relations. Like our eyes, they express our emotions, but are also a means of communication; without them we would be unable to make sounds and communicate correctly.

The mouth comprises no less than 11 muscles, including the labial muscle around the mouth that we use to whistle for instance. The upper part of the lips is connected to the levator muscles and the zygomaticus major muscle that allows us to smile. The lower part of the mouth is also connected to the platysma muscle which extends down the neck.

Extremely mobile and under a lot of strain, it is a fragile, delicate, sensual and feminine area. The aging of the lip contour can become displeasing as the mouth is a strategic area of our face. This aging can lead to:

  • Periroral lines, vertical lines above the upper lip and each side of the mouth.
  • Bitterness folds, wrinkles that descend from the corners of the lips towards the chin or even the lengthening of the upper white lip between the base of the nose and the upper lip.
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