Since my childhood, I have always had a strong passion for artistic activities, specifically sculpting and sketching. After having started my studies to be an engineer, I finally realized that plastic surgery was an activity that allowed me to combine aesthetics and technological innovations with manual labor.

I studied medicine for 6 years before getting accepted into the Internat in Paris. During my 6-year residency, I had the chance to oversee, shadow and participate in all of the major Parisian plastic surgery departments.

After a one year specialization in the major burns department at the Cochin hospital, I became Assistant in the prestigious department of plastic surgery at the Saint Louis Hospital. In 2008, I decided to open my own plastic surgery practice, also continuing as a breast reconstruction specialist for 7 years at the Saint Louis Hospital.

I have now been in this line of work for 15 years and my passion continues.

I have also kept myself up-to-date by continuing with certain university classes and degrees and regularly participating in major international medical conferences.

My feminine point of view allows me to approach this typically masculine profession by bringing a subtle and realistic vision of beauty, always achieving and striving for natural results.

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