In plastic surgery, improving the silhouette is a very common request from both men and women and generally involves creating a more harmonious well-balanced silhouette.

This type of surgery can involve any part of the body but the most common requests relate to the abdominal area: the abdomen can be treated to improve the shape of the abdominal wall, and the love handles can be treated alone or at the same time to enhance the entire waist area.

The buttocks are also a common request, whether it is to lift, reshape or change the size of them.

Enhancing the silhouette can also involve the bust area for men who wish to get rid of breasts for which they have a complex or wish to reshape their pectorals, and for women who wish to harmonize their silhouette by adapting the size of their chest, which they consider too small, too big or asymmetric.

Regarding the limbs, requests to improve the silhouette can pertain to reshaping the arms or legs. The arms are generally more embarrassing when we are undressed, but the legs are a common request particularly from women who wish to slim them down, reshape them particularly around the ankles, knees, inner thighs, or even saddlebags.

Depending on the case, the silhouette can be enhanced without surgery using cryolipolysis for example, which is carried out at the office. However, surgery is often necessary to remove fat (liposuction) or sometimes even remove some skin (plasty) or add volume (implants or lipofilling).

In any case, silhouette surgery consists in rebalancing the latter and is in addition to weight loss but will not replace a diet, dietary readjustment, or sport.

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