Aesthetic medicine

What is aesthetic medicine?

Aesthetic medicine includes all aesthetic treatments that can be performed at the office.

All these treatments can be combined depending on the desired outcome. They are intended for both men and women and a normal social life can be resumed immediately after the procedures.

The different types of aesthetic medicine


Hyaluronic acid:

Volumetric treatment of the wrinkles, lines and volumes of the face.

Hyaluronic acid is a filling product found naturally in the tissues which will increase the volume of the target area. In aesthetic medicine, it is possible to use different hyaluronic acids depending on the volume to be obtained. It could thus consist in treating loss of volume linked to age (tear troughs, dark circles), augmenting some areas (cheekbones, lips, chin), or treating fine lines (perioral, periorbital fine lines).

Botulinum toxin:

Treatment of the expression lines with a relaxing action on the muscles.

Botulinum toxin in no way increases the volume of the tissues but will relax the targeted muscles. According to the desired result, it involves relaxing the muscles that cause wrinkles such as frown lines, forehead wrinkles or bitterness folds to give the face a fresher, more relaxed, and pleasant appearance.


Resurfacing treatment of the skin with a light to moderate chemical dermabrasion.

Peels can be used to improve the skin texture targeting marks, fine lines, or dilated pores depending on the requests of the patient.


Enhancement of the quality of the skin with a multi-vitamin complex and hyaluronic acid through micro injections.

Mesotherapy will help improve the suppleness of the skin, its radiance and treat fine lines that appear with time. This treatment does not change the morphology, expressions, or volume of the face in any way and can be repeated as often as desired.


Stimulation of collagen synthesis with laser pulses.

Laser stimulation of collagen synthesis or skin tightening for a lifting effect, lasers are now extensively used in aesthetic medicine. Doctor Rajao can also recommend a laser doctor specialising in the treatment you are interested in.

Thread lifts:

Tightening of sagging oval contour of the face using threads for a lifting effect without surgery.

The lifting effect is achieved immediately during the treatment through the insertion of threads under the skin, but not all patients are good candidates for thread lifts. Indeed, the skin must not be too thick, too thin, or too excessive.

Organisation of an anti-aging medical consultation

For an aesthetic medicine consultation, it is recommended that you bring photos of yourself at different ages (from about twenty) to better assess the natural aging of the face. In any case, you will be given information leaflets and a detailed quotation before starting any treatment.

For all aesthetic facial treatments, to limit the risk of bruising it is recommended to avoid the week before the appointment any treatment containing aspirin or anti-inflammatories and to take a homeopathic treatment with Arnica 5CH in the 2 to 3 days before the treatment.

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