Female Intimate Surgery

What is female intimate surgery?

Female intimate surgery includes reconstructive and aesthetic procedures for the perineum. Formerly, intimate surgery was not openly requested. However, today, intimate surgery is frequently requested by women of all ages: young women wishing to enhance their sexuality, or older women wanting to find and enjoy their sexuality.

Questions are common and it’s important to consult and speak about the complexities of the anatomy and how the sex aesthetics are absolutely normal and acceptable.  A consultation can simply help to reassure you, and does not necessarily lead to a surgery.

Aesthetic intimate surgery

Intimate surgery is designed to beautify the appearance of the sex around the area of the small lips, the outer lips, or the pubic area. The purpose of intimate surgery is to give a tonic, refreshed and harmonious appearance to the entire perineal region. The most common procedure for women are reduction of labia minora (nymphoplasty) and vulvar lipofilling.

Reconstructive intimate surgery

Reconstructive surgery of the perineum will repair the aesthetic and functional sequelae related to childbirth or sexual mutilation.

This delicate area requires special care adapted to each patient. Each and every intimate plastic surgery procedure must be performed in an operating room as day-care surgery. It can be carried out under local or general anesthesia, depending on the patients’ wishes. Hospitalization is ambulatory. The patient enters in the morning and leaves the hospital the same day.

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