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Esthetic surgery and medicine can provide solutions to various requests, whichever part of the body is concerned.

Patients may wish to enhance their aging facial features: this can involve revitalising the eyes marked by sagging eyelids, bags, dark circles, tear troughs, crow’s feet wrinkles, sagging eyebrows, or even hollow temples.

The most common requests regarding facial esthetics are to improve the nose, which can involve erasing an unsightly bump, narrowing the nose or even lifting it.
The mouth is naturally an area for which treatment is often requested, whether it is a lack of volume, lips that are too thin, or perioral wrinkles (also called « barcode »). Requests for treating the nasolabial folds in men and women are common due to the grumpy appearance they can yield.

People complain less about their ears, but protruding ears are embarrassing for both adults and children.
The chin is a recurring theme in aesthetic medicine or surgery. The chin may be too far forward or too far back and its position directly affects the quality of the oval of the face. In this regard, requests are generally linked to a loss of the oval of the face, the appearance of jowls and bitterness folds, as well as a loss of the angle with the neck, known as the cervicomental angle.

Around the neck, requests can include sagging skin, the platysmal bands, excess skin, or excess fat making the neck look bloated.

Breast surgery is a common request to improve the body : too saggy, too small, too big, asymmetric, or tuberous, the breasts are a very common complaint, even in men for whom a chest that is too large (gynecomastia) can be a major cause of insecurity. In women, a neckline that is wrinkled or too thin is a recurrent request in aesthetics.

Silhouette surgery is another major part of body surgery.

Concerning the silhouette, the area around the waist is a target in both men and women, and requests to improve the abdominal wall (belly) and the love handles are numerous regardless of gender..

Regarding the limbs, requests for improvement can involve the arms that are sagging or too fat but more generally the lower limbs: the thighs, saddlebags, knees, calves, and ankles.

It is possible to treat several problems at the same time, so it is important to mention during the consultation any points you may wish to improve.

For each problem, there are various solutions that will be presented to you during the consultation with their respective risks and benefits so as to be able to choose the most suitable solution.

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