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What is hydrafacial treatment?

Hydrafacial treatment is a medical aesthetic procedure to improve the quality of the skin that is carried out at our practice. The procedure comprises five steps, is painless and no skin preparation is necessary. Hydrafacial treatment is usually performed by a specially trained nurse. The treatment is carried out with a single-use handpiece that simultaneously … Find out more … 768w, 300w

What follow-up after aesthetic surgery?

With plastic surgery, care does not stop after the procedure. The healing stage is very important after aesthetic surgery. I always see patients again about three or four days after the operation, then about two weeks later. Then, there is usually an appointment one month then three months after the procedure.  In general, for … Find out more … 768w, 300w

Aesthetic surgery: is it painful?

Patients often ask « Is the surgery painful? » There is an old saying « beauty is pain « , but this should no longer be the dictum. Great care is taken with pain and its management, including for aesthetic surgery. Pain varies depending on the procedure In reality, the answer to this question can be no pain, a … Find out more … 768w, 300w

What surgery is available for men?

Aesthetic surgery is becoming increasingly accessible and even men are increasingly turning to minor aesthetic procedures. Men even more than women are generally looking for a discreet, natural result. What men are particularly looking for is to recover freshness and dynamism, while preserving their masculine characteristics. For young or active men, taking care of their … Find out more … 768w, 300w

Mummy makeover

Having a child is of course wonderful, but pregnancy—and a fortiori breastfeeding—is likely to result in unsightly changes in the body. The term Mummy Makeover concerns the combination of surgical (or non-surgical) procedures to treat the after-effects of pregnancy or breastfeeding.  The silhouette after pregnancy Indeed, during pregnancy, the abdomen is stretched to varying … Find out more … 640w, 300w

Breast implants: what is capsular contracture?

Scar tissue grows around an implant, forming a capsule. When an implant is placed in the body – whether in the hip, knee or breast – the organism reacts to this foreign body and creates a protective barrier around it to isolate it. This is called a periprosthetic capsule, and the formation of this capsule … Find out more …


Breast prostheses or lipofilling ?

Lipofilling is a way of increasing volume without the use of implants. This technique consists in taking fat from areas where there is excess and putting it where there is not enough, for example the buttocks or breasts. Lipofilling offers permanent results as it actually involves grafting fat cells. In other words, the fat cells … Find out more … 640w, 300w

Breast reduction or ptosis treatment?

What is the difference between a breast reduction and ptosis treatment ? We can perform a breast reduction or treat breast ptosis. In both cases, there are two objectives : Lift breasts Reshape breasts In the case of breast reduction, the procedure involves lifting and reshaping the breasts, as well as reducing them by at … Find out more … 640w, 300w

Liposuction or abdominoplasty?

To treat excess abdominal fat, patients can have either liposuction or abdominoplasty, also known as a “tummy tuck”. The choice between these two options depends on the quality of the skin.   In liposuction, the surgeon inserts a cannula through a very small incision about 3 mm long, and removes the fat underneath the skin. The … Find out more … 640w, 300w

Round or anatomical implants?

For a breast augmentation using implants, there is no obvious choice between round or anatomical prosthetics. The choice really depends on the patient, what she wants, her morphology and her breasts. A round implant has a base in the shape of a circle. From the profile view, it has a slightly rounded appearance. An anatomical, … Find out more … 640w, 300w

Botox© or hyaluronic acid

As more and more people are choosing injectable cosmetic treatments, patients often ask, “What’s better, Botox© or hyaluronic acid?” But in reality, the two procedures are totally unrelated and act in completely different ways. Botox©  is in fact a brand name for botulinum toxin, which other brands produce under names including Azzalure© , Vistabel©  and Bocouture© . … Find out more …

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