Postoperative breast augmentation consultation

At my practice, I receive patients for their pre-operation consults and perform cosmetic medicine procedures such as hyaluronic acid injections and botulinum toxin for wrinkle treatment, mesotherapy and peels.

I perform actual plastic surgery procedures at the Turin Clinic in Paris or the Hartmann Clinic in Neuilly sur Seine, and at the Nescens Spontini Clinic in Paris.

Within my team, I make sure that my patients are always teamed up with the same people, to ensure a personalized and emotional service. My assistant, Catherine, is always available for any client request. Marine, my nurse, assists me in the office and the operating room, as well as for post-operative consultations. My anesthesiologists are always the same, reinforcing that the patient will always be taken care of by the same person from start to finish.

Being a woman plastic surgeon, I feel that I have a different emotional connection and disposal in a profession dominated by men and a masculine point of view.

Correction of dark circles by injection of hyaluronic acid

My job is to align my patients with the image of themselves and restore the harmony that was once a default in their point of view. The development with new medical and surgical technics and procedures allows one to perform optimized, comprehensive and personalized treatments.

Often, patients come into my office and tell me things like: “I think that I look sad” or “ I feel like I look a little tired” … “How can we rejuvenate my face?” “Can we do something for oval face sagging?” “Can you beautify my chest?” It’s my job to explain to them the consequences of aging on skin tissues and what  kind of surgical procedures or medical cosmetic techniquess can effectively help them.

Younger women often come in for procedures like breast surgery (breast implants or breast reduction), silhouette procedures and aesthetic medicine.

Older women often come in for facial procedures (face or eyelid lifts) and aesthetic medicine.

Men often come in for silhouette procedures (gynaecomastia and liposuction) and aesthetic medicine.

Naturally, my patients ask many questions about the aesthetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. What happens during the procedure? How long are the procedures and what are the post-procedure actions that take place?

I created this website to answer all of these types of questions and provide detailed and clear information on all the procedures that I practice as a plastic surgeon.

I hope that you will have an excellent visit.

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