The eyes reflect our emotions and are often the first area concerned by the effects of passing time. Especially fine and fragile, the skin around our eyes bears the brunt of the effects of skin aging, of which bags under the eyes are a consequence.

The skin around the eye is constantly under strain; we blink over 10 000 times a day. To facilitate this considerable mobility, the skin is much finer than on the rest of the face, thus making it more fragile. It also contains less collagen, elastin, and fat tissue and is, therefore, less elastic and dryer, « marked » even more.

There are 22 muscles in the skin around the eye and over half are permanently active to ensure the cornea is perfectly hydrated… but these relentless movements have consequences on the quality of the skin that begins to wither.

With time, the epidermis slackens, loses its elasticity and tone, and bags form under the eyes resulting in skin ptosis that is amplified by gravity. This excess skin on the lower eyelid is sometimes associated with fat deposits which have the unpleasant effect of accentuating the puffiness. If you are prone to water retention, these mini hernias swell up even more.

For both men and women, bags under the eyes give a tired appearance and change our look and facial expressions. Bags under the eyes are often made worse depending on lifestyle and are more prominent with alcohol and tobacco consumption, for instance.

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