Intimate surgery

Aesthetic genital surgery includes all the procedures designed to enhance the appearance of the perineum area. With the spread of information through the internet and media and the acceptance of eroticism, the demand for intimate cosmetic surgery is rising sharply. Patients often wonder about the normality of their sex compared to some stereotypes presented as the new standards. Consultation will, most often, reassure their normality.  This is especially true for young women who simply wonder if their sex and sexuality is « normal. »

Different techniques to improve the aesthetic of the perineum can be used:

 Reduction Surgery:

The intimate surgery aimed at reducing the labia size.

  • Reduction of the nymphs (small lips): also called labiaplasty or nymphoplasty, this technique consists of reducing the size of the small lips, sometimes considered unsightly by some patients because they are too big. Very young patients with a complex about what they consider as a deformity and are unable to have a sex life or older patients for whom the vaginal lips have stretched with age may request intimate surgery.
  • Reduction of the outer lips: A hypertrophy of the outer lips is exceptional, because it is usually an aging result that requires rejuvenation surgery.

Rejuvenation Surgery of the perineum:

Just like the face, perineum under the influence of aging and shows two major signs: the reduction of fatty tissue and tissue slackening. The two objectives of rejuvenation surgery in women will be restoring volumes (lipofilling) and treating sagging skin (lifting).

  • Surgery of the outer lips (lipofilling, lifting) to bring back the fullness. Rejuvenating intimate surgery of the outer lips sometimes combines lipofilling of the outer lips with a reduction of the outer lips. Surgery of the small lips is often combined.
  • Pubis surgery lipofilling, lifting) will restore the juvenile and tonic appearance of the pubis.

For all intimate surgery, whether it involves the small lips, outer lips, or the pubic area, is not very painful; you will experience some discomfort but no real pain.

Post-operative care consists in showering twice a day using a suitable intimate hygiene soap and application of a healing cream. Sport and sexual relations must be avoided for one month post-op.

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