Clitoral Hood Surgery

In some cases, excess skin may be present around the clitoris and it is possible to reduce this excess skin. However, it is essential to preserve a minimum amount of skin around the clitoris as during sexual relations, it is the skin of the clitoral hood rubbing on the clitoris that arouses sexual pleasure.

Surgery to reduce excess skin is performed in the operating room in a day-care surgery, under general or local anesthesia. The stitches are dissolvable. A reduction nymphoplasty can sometimes be combined with reduction surgery of the clitoral hood. In this case, it is performed under general anesthesia.

Clitoris reconstruction

In the case of sexual mutilation, traditional excisions, reconstruction may be possible when the clitoris does not exist anymore. More and more young women who have had to endure this mutilation demand reconstruction. The techniques are well-known.

Multidisciplinary treatment with a physiotherapist and sexologist is important to optimize the results of clitoris reconstruction surgery after excision.

Indeed, it is essential to carry out a detailed pre-operative assessment to determine the expected benefits of clitoris reconstruction surgery. After excision, some women can still experience sexual pleasure and orgasms. In this case, clitoris reconstruction surgery will improve the physical aspect of the vulva making it more « normal » and their sex life can continue as before.

If the patient experiences no sensations during sexual relations before a clitoroplasty, the procedure could, in some cases, help procure sensations during sexual intercourse but in others, the procedure will only change the aesthetics and not the functional aspect of the clitoral area. Sexual pleasure cannot be achieved. Indeed, the psychological aspect is very important for a woman’s sexual pleasure and clitoroplasty surgery could in some cases reveal it but not in others.

The procedure is carried out under general anesthesia and consists in extracting the remaining part of the clitoris in the wounded area. Then it is dissected and repositioned in the superficial layer.

The patients can have their first shower one day after the surgery, but baths should be avoided for 3 weeks. The treated area must be dried thoroughly, tight clothes and intercourse should be avoided for a period of 3 to 4 weeks.

The final results will be obtained after 3 months.

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