To correct a problem or improve a part of the body or the face, a range of surgical and non-surgical solutions exist. Non-invasive solutions (without surgery) do not need to be performed in an operating room unlike surgical procedures, which can only be carried out in a licensed plastic surgery clinic.

Surgical solutions for both men and women may involve enhancement, harmonization or rejuvenation.

Enhancement may require, for example, rhinoplasty to improve the esthetic appearance of the nose, liposuction to reshape the body and redefine the muscles, or an otoplasty, to reposition prominent ears.

Harmonization may involve, for example, restoring balance to a disproportionate or imbalanced body appearance caused by specific areas that are too fat or too thin, breast augmentation or reduction; it may also address areas of the face with uneven volumes, and lipofilling may correct this imbalance.

Finally, although facial rejuvenation is the most common solution, and includes face and neck lifts or blepharoplasty procedures to refresh the face or eyes, the body is not left untreated as procedures such as breast ptosis treatment, liposuction, an inner arm or inner thigh lift, or abdominoplasty are procedures that help to make the figure look younger.

Medical (or non-invasive) solutions, which can therefore be performed at the doctor’s office do also focus on the body, particularly including Coolsculpting, but are however mainly used on the face. By using combination treatments that include both Botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid, it is possible to significantly improve the facial appearance without surgery. A complementary treatment using thread lifts, radiofrequency or HIFU is also possible. Finally, skin quality is treated painlessly with treatments such as mesotherapy, skinboosters or HydraFacial.

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