Cutaneous Slackening in the Neck and Décolleté areas

We all dream of having a stately demeanour, holding our heads up high but we probably do not devote as much time to our neck as we do our face. And yet this extremely delicate area also suffers from the effects of skin aging. From the age of around forty, the skin of the neck begins to sag, wrinkles form resulting in what is sometimes known as a « turkey neck ».

There are various reasons why the skin begins to sag. Over time, the msucles begin to retract and our skin loses elasticity. Signs of aging appear sooner on the neck than elsewhere as the dermis, which contains collagen, is very thin which accentuates the lack of firmness.

Furthermore, this area is exposed to the sun and gravity, and prolonged exposure to the sun is always the main culprit in the aging of the neck and neckline.

Our dependence on mobile phones also has a negative impact on the beauty of our neck due to regularly lowering our heads but also to the radiation emitted, which may cause oxidative stress resulting in the premature appearance of brown spots, hyperpigmentation, and other signs of premature aging. Of course this is still hypothetical.

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