Inner Arm Lift

Movements put a great deal of stress on the skin of the inner part of the arm. With age and with repeated changes in weight, it loses tone.

Significant weight loss after bariatric surgery (sleeve, gastric band, or ByPass) or a diet often results in the distension of the skin on the inner side of the arm

When skin distension takes place at this level, liposuction alone is not enough and only a lift can improve this deficiency. The scars are located on the inner part of the arm and possibly the armpit too.

Please allow yourself a period of 2 weeks away from your usual schedule.

2 mandatory consultations will take place. The armpits will be depilated with depilatory cream or wax, as shaving is traumatic and is proscribed.

It is necessary to stop smoking before an arm lift to optimise post-operative healing and limit complications.

The procedure is carried out under general anaesthesia and can be done in the day care department, which allows the patient to leave the facility the same day of the surgery.

The scars can vary, but in most cases there are 2 incisions: one in the armpit fold, and another one along the inner side of the arm.

An arm lift scar located only under the armpit does not allow the correct treatment of excess skin on the arm and there will always be an excess. To tighten correctly along the whole length of the arm, a longitudinal scar along the inside of the arm is necessary. The scar can be extended along the lateral thorax to treat any excess skin or fat under the arm.

A dressing or a compression garment is left in place at the end of the procedure for one month.

No drain is left in place, and the stitches are dissolvable. Pain is usually minimal, and exercise and sports activities can be resumed about 1 month after surgery.

The first shower is permitted the day after the surgery but baths should be avoided for the first month. The scars need to be protected from the sun for one full year after the surgery!

To improve healing and decrease post-operative edema, a few lymphatic drainage sessions are recommended after an arm lift.

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