Reconstructive intimate surgery

Reconstructive intimate surgery is required by women after a trauma to the perineum such as a delivery or sexual mutilation.

The reconstructive surgery is generally supported by the health insurance, but it should be noted that the amount of support is generally derisory.

Reconstructive intimate surgery is, in fact, a field where the information about the procedures and management are not really known and therefore underestimated by health insurances.

It is important to perform a complete physical examination for each case to analyze the appropriate surgical procedure needed.

Following childbirth, perineum and small lips may undergo stretching and relaxation which may cause functional and aesthetical discomfort. In this case, the solution will be a plasty reduction in order to “lift” the small lips and reduce them.

After a rape, it is possible to reconstruct the hymen and recreate it as it was when the patient was a virgin. Reconstructive intimate surgery will repair the hymen and rebuild it.

In the case of sexual mutilation like for example traditional excisions, reconstruction may be necessary. In some cases it can be associated with a clitoris plasty to repair the femininity of the woman and allow her to regain sensations during sex.

  • Repair of the vagina:

After childbirth, the vagina may be prolapsed or distended. Vaginal prolapse is treated by a urologist surgeon or a gynecologist. Distention with vaginal relaxation can be performed by a gynecological surgeon. It is important to know that a vaginal reconstruction procedure requires a multidisciplinary team involving a gynecologist. Perineum physiotherapy and an evaluation with a sexologist will also be carried out. The consequences in daily life should be thoroughly evaluated and the expectations of the patient considered.

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