Sagging skin: the first signs of aging

With time, the face becomes marked by the effects of aging as a result of:

  • a loss of facial fat tissue, which will lead to the skeletonization of the face, hollowing of the cheeks, temples, and forehead, and revealing the sockets (deeper dark circles) and the tear troughs. This loss of fat tissue can be treated with filling, whether lipofilling or with hyaluronic acid.
  • the combined effects of time and gravity; the tissues tend to sag giving the face a tired and older appearance. The lines become more accentuated (nasolabial folds, bitterness folds) and some marks appear (jowls, fat under the chin).

A facelift will help correct these elements by lifting up the tissues, erasing the jowls to reshape the oval of the face and reduce wrinkles by tightening the skin globally.

The different facelift techniques

A facelift or neck lift treats sagging skin as well as loss of fat tissue.

  • A face and neck lift can be performed to treat the neck, the cheeks and the face oval.
  • A temporal facelift is carried out to correct the tail of the eyebrow area, which may be sagging over time and give the eye area a tired appearance.

A lift procedure can be combined with a laser or peel resurfacing treatment to erase any remaining lines.

Lipofilling may be performed at the same time to correct the melting of the tissues associated with their sagging.


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