Poland syndrome

Patients who suffer from the Poland syndrome present breast hypoplasia and a chest deformity. The Poland syndrome is defined by:

  • The absence of a sternocostal part in the major pectoralis muscle.
  • Breast hypoplasia – which is a lack of breast volume. In some cases, the mammary gland may be completely absent.
  • The nipple area is usually of small diameter, situated slightly higher and more spread out then the norms or can be missing as well.
  • Often a deformation in the hand or arm on the same side of the body.

This syndrome is a very rare deformation, non-genetic; therefore, the cause is not fully determined (1/ 30 000 births, in more specific terms, 20 births a year in France are affected by it)

With the Poland syndrome, it is necessary to treat a part of the breast hypoplasia and a part of the breast deformity.

In more mild cases, it is possible to simply have a prosthesis implant. Implanting a breast implant can be associated with a sternal prosthesis or a sternal lipofilling.

The treatment for major forms of Poland’s syndrome is difficult and can involve techniques from breast reconstruction after cancer (Latissimus dorsi muscle transposition).

2 consultations are required, in addition to a radiological assessment with a mammography, ultrasound and a chest x-ray.
It is necessary to stop smoking a month before the operation because the actions realized require a perfect vascularization of the gland and skin.
In prosthesis correction situations, a prior agreement will be carried out to obtain a partial coverage by healthy insurance.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia in a semi-sitting up position, to see the results from a standing view.
The operation can take from 1.5 to 3 hours.
The objectives of the operation are:

  • To increase the breast volume by performing lipofilling or by using breast implant.
    In extreme and important cases, an inflatable breast implant (involving tissue expansion) may be necessary
  • To correct the thoracic malformation (chest hypoplasia) by performing a lipofilling or in rare cases, by implanting a customized chest prosthesis or performing a reconstruction surgery with skin flap
  • To replace the nipple areolar complex at the rith position

It is often necessary to undergo two operations  to obtain the good shape and the good voluma. For instance, lipofilling requires 2 operations to obtain the desired size and shape.

There is no draining necessary. A tight bandage is put in place, which will be replaced the next day by a medical bra. This bra should be used day and night for at least one month.

The final result will show after about 3-6 months. Sports can be resumed about a month after the surgery.

The first shower is permitted the day after the operation.  However, baths should be avoided during the first month. The scar need to be protected from the sun during the first year after the surgery.

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