The lips

The mouth, and especially the lips, is a key area of the face thanks to which we can talk and express ourselves. Extremely mobile and under a lot of strain, it is a fragile, delicate, and sensual area.

The mouth comprises primarily the lips (the lower lip and the upper lip), which vary in shape, size, and plumpness from individual to individual. Each lip is made up of two distinct parts: the « white lip » (area of skin) and the « red lip » (mucosa). The mouth comprises no less than 11 muscles, including the labial muscle around the mouth so it can accomplish a host of movements, and this, relentlessly. The platysma muscle of the neck is also connected to the mouth.

Our lips have a special place in the relations we have with others. They express emotions but also feelings, and are a means of seduction in their own right. We are also able to make numerous sounds with our lips, without which we would be unable to communicate correctly.

Due to its considerable mobility, the mouth suffers greatly from passing time, just like the lips. From the age of 20, we produce 1% less collagen each year. As the production of collagen decreases, the skin becomes finer and less elastic. Other than the lengthening of the upper lip, primarily due to the loss of dermal tissue tone and the overall sagging of the face, or vertical perioral wrinkles, the lips lose volume and get thinner. The formerly young appearance of the mouth changes. Nasolabial folds, bitterness folds, a protruding or receding chin also affect the esthetic appearance of the lips and, consequently, the mouth.

Skin aging also leads to skin dryness. The lips are more particularly susceptible to skin dryness as they are constantly exposed to the elements.

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