Buttock implants

For a relatively large and long-lasting increase in the size of the buttocks, if the patient does not have enough fat to perform lipofilling (BBL), buttock implants are the best solution. The implants used are prostheses, like those used for the breasts, which have a smooth silicone casing and are pre-filled with silicone gel. They are larger than breast implants. Unlike breast implants, there is no need to plan to replace the implants unless a rupture is detected.

As with any surgery, 2 consultations with the surgeon are required before placing buttock implants.
No X-ray examinations are required, but a blood test must be performed and any infections (mainly dental and urinary) must be eliminated before inserting any implants. An anesthesia consultation is required at least 48 hours before surgery. Patients must also plan for a two- to three-week recovery period, as doctors cannot prescribe leave from work.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and lasts between one and two hours with one or two overnight stays after surgery. Antibiotics are administered during surgery to reduce the risk of infection.

The scar is located between the intergluteal fold, between both buttocks, and is therefore not visible.

Depending on the patient’s anatomy, skin elasticity and desired volume, the implant is placed either in front of the gluteus maximus muscle or under it to obtain a natural result, both visually and to the touch. No drains are left in place.

The sutures may be absorbable or non-absorbable depending on the surgeon’s preference.

An adapted compression garment, suited to the buttock implants, will be placed at the end of the surgery and must be worn for one and a half to two months.

The follow-up is simple but pain can be very severe at first and may require strong painkillers.
Patients cannot maintain a sitting position early on in recovery. Standing or lying positions are recommended, but mainly standing. For the first few nights after surgery, a lying position on the stomach is recommended.

Normal and professional activities can commence about 2 to 3 weeks after surgery. Sports and exercise can very gradually be resumed after 6 to 8 weeks. Exercises using the buttocks muscles will be very uncomfortable at the start but are not contraindicated in the long term.

The final result is achieved after about six months.

A shower is allowed the morning after the procedure. However, baths must be avoided for one month.

Potential complications, apart from those that can occur after any surgical procedure, mainly include:

  • Implant infection, requiring a course of antibiotics and local treatment, which may lead to the removal of the implant. It is therefore essential to follow the hygiene rules recommended before and after surgery.
  • Hematoma, uncontrolled bleeding around the implant, requiring surgery to remove the blood and stop bleeding. A hematoma will not alter the final visual result.
  • Lesion of the sciatic nerve, which is possible in the case of a retromuscular placement, is a serious complication that must always be prevented.

In any case, further information will be provided during the consultation.

Unlike after breast implants, there is no long-term post-surgery monitoring, and no replacements are to be expected unless the patient wishes or a clinical change is detected (feel, appearance).

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