tensor threads

Over time the skin and subcutaneous tissues relax and tend to fall down. Previously, the only way to lift the tissue was to perform a neck lift and facelift.

With the development of medical technology, it is now possible to lift sagging tissue without surgery, and without incisions.

The treatment is fast and without downtime.

This thread in Poly-L-lactic acid will lead to a contact reaction with stimulation to the synthesis of collagen fibers around.

The threads are absorbed and the shading will gradually fade. However, the stimulated tissue and synthesized collagen will extend even beyond the result of the reversal!

The action will be the threads in Poly-L-Lactic acid will be double:

  • An action « lift » to visibly back and immediately to the line.
  • An action « regenerating » to reshape the restore gradually facial collagen lost over the years.

As with any treatment of aesthetic medicine, it is recommended to take homeopathic arnica two to three days before treatment. There should be no aspirin or any anti-inflammatory meds for eight days prior to the treatment, so as to limit the risk of bruising (bruises).

The treatment takes place in a self-contained cabinet. It takes about an hour.

A mild local anesthetic is carried out at each point of the Poly. These are then inserted in a perfectly sterile and painless manner.

When all the Poly has been administered, the voltage control can be such that the desired effect can be achieved very easily.

The result is immediately visible.

This procedure is almost equivalent to a mini-facelift without surgery.

After treatment, the patient may resume a normal social life. It is possible that a small fold will be present in front of the ear, as it corresponds to the excess skin brought back into tension. That is expected to disappear within a day or two.

There are no special instructions post treatment. The face can be cleaned and made-up as usual. In rare cases, mild ecchymosis (blue), or edema (swelling) may occur. They disappear within days.

The result of the treatment is maintained for between 6-18 months, depending on the response of the individual patient. This treatment can be repeated as often as the patient wishes. Sometimes, the patient would prefer a regular facelift instead of this procedure, as a facelift has more sustainable results.

Treatment of skin sagging using tensor threads can be performed on patients whose skin has good tone. If the skin is too fine, too stretched, or quite wrinkled, the treatment will not yield good results.

If the skin is too fine, the threads may be visible under the skin. If the skin is too thick, the weight of the skin may pull the skin down too quickly and the effect of the tensor threads will be short-lived. For this reason, relatively few patients are good candidates for a non-surgical lift and a consultation is essential to assess the quality and the quantity of excess skin.

It is entirely possible to combine treatments for optimum results. Once the tissues are reassembled and replaced because of the action of the Poly, hyaluronic acid injections restore the missing volume. Botulinum toxin injections relax the contracted muscles. Peels relax the remaining wrinkles and smooth the skin texture and complexion. The best results are obtained by combining aesthetic medicine techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thread lifts cannot replace a facelift because no excess skin is removed. The threads only produce an interesting result in cases of minimal ptosis (sagging tissue) and when the skin is elastic enough to reabsorb excess skin tissue. But for significant excess skin or sagging, the excess skin must be removed.

A thread lift can be a good therapeutic option to reposition tissue as soon as you notice that your skin is sagging. As of age 35, a thread lift can restructure your face to boost and revitalize it. However, in cases where the signs of aging are too significant, the result will only be disappointing if you’re hoping to achieve the effect of a face and neck lift.

Thread lifts are performed in-office, with a local anesthetic. No need to go to the hospital or for general anesthesia. The procedure is quick and not too painful. You may feel some discomfort, but you don’t have to avoid going out in public for long. You can usually resume your normal activities two to three days after a thread lift.

That depends how many tensor threads are inserted. To enhance the shape of your face, it generally costs between €2 500 and €3 000.

Some discomfort (with facial expressions and especially when chewing) after a thread lift is totally normal and may last a few days. But persistent pain is not normal, in which case you should see your doctor. In any case, a post-treatment check-up is always scheduled after a thread lift.

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