Silhouette surgery

Silhouette surgery includes every treatment that is planned to improve the body, its volume and its appearance.

Silhouette surgical procedures do not attempt to create an « ideal beauty bombshell, » because ideal bodies do not exist. However, some solutions can be considered to balance the silhouette and the appearance of the body.

In the last few years, silhouette surgery has been revolutionized by the use of lipofilling to reshape the body contours and improvements in the design of implants.

In body contouring surgery, lipofilling is particularly beneficial to decrease the volume in areas where there is excess fat and increase the volume in the areas where it is lacking and thus optimally harmonize the silhouette.

In any areas with localized excess fat, when the skin is good quality, toned, and elastic enough to redrape correctly the areas treated, liposuction is the solution for body contouring.

When the skin is not elastic enough, a procedure to remove the excess skin is necessary

Different types of surgery can be considered:

  • For the abdomen: liposuction or abdominoplasty to remove excess skin. An abdominoplasty is necessary when the skin has been stretched a lot after pregnancy or significant variations in weight and when there are stretch marks. After drastic weight loss, there may be excess skin around the entire body and a Body lift is therefore necessary to treat the entire abdominal area and perform full-body contouring.
  • For the arms: liposuction or arm lift to harmoniously reshape the entire length of the arm and remove any sagging skin.
  • For the thighs: liposuction for a localized excess, on the inside or outside (saddlebags) of the thighs or knees or a thigh lift to remove any excess skin.
  • For the calves: calf implants to reshape calves that are too thin or liposuction to reshape the leg and slim down the ankle.
  • For the buttocks: currently rapidly growing, aesthetic reshaping of the silhouette offers several alternatives to optimize the gluteal area. The treatment can consist in a buttock lift or reshaping the buttocks by increasing their volume with lipofilling or gluteal implants. Very minor augmentations are also possible with hyaluronic acid injections in the buttocks.
  • For other areas: depending on the area to be treated liposuction, lipofilling or custom implants are possible.
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