This mesotherapy procedure aims at enhancing the quality of the skin lacking tone, suppleness, elasticity and radiance.

The skin is treated in great depth by the « skin boosters, » which act to revitalize it and rehydrate it from the inside.

Mesotherapy of the face consists in making lots of tiny injections on the face using an injector pen, the MesoPen.

The product injected during mesotherapy can be a solution of vitamins, multi-vitamins, hyaluronic acid, or even a combination of vitamins and hyaluronic acid. The mixture acts as a « skin booster ».

The neck and neckline can also be treated with mesotherapy to harmonize the result with a refreshed face.

Mesotherapy with multivitamins uses the NCTF© complex, which combines hyaluronic acid with 54 skin nutrients (multi-vitamins).

This NCTF© complex is injected into the skin using microneedling for uniform, deep repair.

Mesotherapy of the face takes the main actives to the heart of the skin, going through the superficial, keratinised skin barrier that creams cannot cross.

For mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid, the acid used is very fine and fluid, not reticulated (free acid).

Mesotherapy is especially recommended for the skin of smokers. Mesotherapy can also have a firming effect on devitalised, loose skin with numerous fine lines without a volumizing effect and therefore without changing the architecture of the face.

The treatment consists in 2 or 3 sessions 4 to 6 weeks apart

It is quite simple. There are no formal contraindications to this treatment. After mesotherapy of the face, there is often some bruising that can be easily reduced by avoiding any treatments that promote bleeding (anti-inflammatories and aspirin) in the days following mesotherapy.

Mesotherapy can be considered once or twice a year for maintenance care of the skin, especially when the seasons change. This skin revitalization is perfect in combination with skin stimulation techniques using lasers or peels.

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