EarFold: a revolution for prominent ears

By 12/27/2016News

In over 80% of cases, prominent ears are caused by a poorly formed antihelix. The natural fold in the ear is unfolded, and the ear appears to protrude.
Until now, treatment for prominent ears involved reconstructing the fold and holding it in place using surgical sutures.
This required performing a procedure in the operating room, leaving a scar behind the ear that could be painful, heal poorly or even recur if the sutures came undone.
EarFold can be used in 80% of cases of prominent ears to recreate the missing or underdeveloped fold.

This implant can be used to treat prominent ears in a simple way, in just a few minutes, without anesthesia in the operating room or problems of recurrence, while leaving only a tiny scar.
Using the preFold trial device, patients can choose for themselves the degree of correction they want before the permanent implant is placed.

A consultation is the only way to determine if the earFold implant is suitable in your case.