The crow’s feet lines are very thin expression wrinkles, appearing when smiling or laughing and situated in the corners of the eyes.  They are due to contracture of the orbicularis muscle. This muscle compasses the eye round and contracts when squinting, smiling, or laughing.
Crow’s feet give the face expressiveness, but when they are too present or visible at rest, they may give the glance a tired look. Different techniques are used to reduce these lines.

  • The first-line treatment and most frequently used is botulinum toxin. Botulinum toxin injections will relax the orbicularis muscle, stretch the skin and reduce the Crow’s feet when smiling and laughing. Like every botulinum toxin treatment, the injections should be renewed once or twice a year. Injections are usually also done in the tail of the eyebrow in order to rejuvenate the glance.

If the skin is dehydrated, an additional treatment is possible after a few days, when the effects of the botulinum toxin become stable.

  • Hyaluronic acid injections will help reduce wrinkles at rest. These lines can not be corrected with botulinum toxin since they are dermal splits, due to motion, which can be visible even at rest. For this condition, a specific hyaluronic acid formulated to enhance the quality of skin without bringing any volume will be used. The obtained result will be maintained with botulinum toxin injections sessions in order to avoid the aggravation of the dermal splints due to contracture of the orbicularis muscle.
  • Mesotherapy sessions can also be performed to treat this very delicate area. They will help enhance the skin texture and increase its suppleness as well as its resistance to mechanical stress sur to expressiveness, and the contracture of the orbicular muscle. The products used usually contain hyaluronic acid and a polyvitamin complex, formulated to rehydrate the eye contour.