Within the periorbital area, the temporal area hollows over time and gives a more skeletal appearance to the face. The skeletonization of the upper third of the face presents a stricter, more tired, and older glance by marking the external superciliary arch. Filling in the temporal area will soften the look and rejuvenate the face.
Different kinds of filling treatments can be considered:

  • Lipofilling will help treating the temporal area in a long-lasting manner by giving a natural volume to the facial contours and softening the glance. A lipofilling of the others areas of the face can be performed in the same time. Post-operative edema may appear in the days following treatment. The final result will be long-lasting if the patients maintain a stable body weight.
  • Hyaluronic acid injections will help obtain the same result, but in a less sustainable manner. Hyaluronic acid injections effects are immediately visible, and patients do not need to reduce their social activities. For a total invisibility of the product in this thin area, the injections should be performed in a deep layer.