The treatment of under-eye circles is often requested. Rings under the eyes may appear as early as at 20 years of age. The rings may be hollow or colored or sometimes both, but there is always a predominance.

Hollow under-eye rings can be corrected with a volumizing treatment. 2 techniques can be used:

  • A medical treatment with hyaluronic acid can also be performed, but it requires a specific technique and a specific type of product. In order to avoid a Tyndall effect, an adverse effect creating a blueish pocket, a specific product for this area is made for very delicate skin. The injections must be performed deeply at the bone contact. The results are immediately visible if the treatment is performed with the appropriate technique and the appropriate product and last between 6 months and 2 years.
  • A lipofilling procedure can also be used. Lipofilling is designed to recreate the volumes in a permanent manner as opposed to the hyaluronic acid. In the under-eye area, a lipofilling often causes a local edema which can last a few days and hinder social activities. Hyaluronic acid offers a greater precision with the injections than the lipofilling does into this delicate area which requires extreme precision.

Under-eye tinted rings can be improved with a filling in treatment. A surfacing treatment will be necessary in case of genuine dyschromia, pigmentation disorders. 2 kinds of pigmentary treatments can be used:

  • A laser treatment can be administered by an experienced laserist. Doctor Natalie Rajaonarivelo will give patients the contact details of an experienced colleague.
  • A depigmenting peel will help enhancing the color of the under-eye area. Though initially used to correct tinted under-eyes on black patients, the treatment can also be used for Caucasian complexions. Sun exposure must be avoided for the duration of the treatment and for 15 days after the treatment in order to avoid a reappearance of the pigmentation.