Outer lips reduction

A reduction surgery can be carried out when the outer lips are too big, in the same way as the small lips procedures. This stretching of the tissues commonly appears with aging or after local traumas or  repeated deliveries.

Outer lips lipofilling

Over time, the perineum suffers from the consequences of aging. The fatty tissues in the outer lips melt and a ptosis appears. Outer lips atrophy due to fat melting can also appear when practicing sports that traumatize  the perineum.

The melting of the fatty tissues in the perineum cause an aesthetic and functional discomfort since the outer lips do not support the inner lips anymore.

This melting can be treated with a lipofilling in order to reshape the perineum area and to protect and cover the inner lips.

The surgery is done in the day care department in a surgical room. The procedure is performed under general or local anaesthesia combined with mild sedation.
The fat cells are usually harvested in the knees area or the inner of the thighs so that there are no visible marks and daily activities can be resumed immediately. Showers are advised for as soon as the day following the treatment, but baths should be avoided for 15 days.
A sport activity can be done again about 3 months after surgery.

Edema will appear in the treated area. However, the result will become stable 3 to 6 months after surgery. In case of major atrophy, a lipofilling may be necessary.

Outer lips lift

An outer lips lift can be performed in order to correct perineum tissues ptosis. The scars are hidden in the natural folds, behind underwear. This surgery aims at rejuvenating the treated area while maintaining a natural appearance.

A lift of the pubis may be carried out if this area is stretching.  A Caesarean-like scar will be made.

These surgical treatments are carried out in the operating room, under local anaesthesia, potentially combined with mild sedation. Patients can return home on the very same day.

As it is the case for every perineum surgery implying scars, the first shower is permitted one day after the surgery, but baths and sports must be avoided for a period of 3 to 4 weeks.