Some patients have a smile said to be “gummy” or “gummy smile.” It describes a mouth where much of the upper gum is exposed when smiling. The smile is named as a gingival smile when more than 3 mm gums are visible when smiling. The gummy smile may be due to short teeth, a long a maxilla, or excessive contraction of the levator muscle of the upper lip.

Several treatments are possible. On the dental level, the lengthening of the teeth laying veneers is possible. Maxillofacial treatment is also possible to shorten the maxilla, thereby effecting a relative elongation of the upper lip (type intervention Lefort I).

Medically, it is possible, by injections of botulinum toxin, to reduce the contraction of the levator muscles of the upper lip. This treatment will have the effect of treating the gummy smile. Botulinum toxin injections are painless and must be repeated every six months to maintain the treatment effect.