The correction of the nasolabial folds is a popular treatment. The treatment consists of hyaluronic acid injections. The following should be observed in order to obtain a satisfying result:

1. If the nasolabial folds become marked only when smiling, it is not necessary to treat them and doing so would be a mistake. Smiling creates a nasolabial fold on every face. They should be treated only when patients have a complex and anxieties when they are at rest.

2. If the “tear trough” is hollow, it should be corrected first. The correction of the tear trough will create a minilift effect and enhance the appearance of the nasolabial folds. The quantity of hyaluronic acid requires treating the nasolabial folds so that they will be lower and the effect much more visible.

3. In order to be effective, hyaluronic acid injections should take place in front of the nasolabial fold. An injection realized in the fold or slightly back in the fold will accentuate the fold and the opposite effect will occur. In order to obtain a satisfying result , it is essential to treat only the hollow area in front of the fold.

4. Finally, an optimal result will be obtained if the hyaluronic acid injections are carried out in the superficial layer, not the deep layers. If injected deeply, the product would be pushed outwards by the muscles when smiling and this propagation would accentuate the nasolabial fold instead of blurring it.

When all these principles are applied, hyaluronic acid injections help to correct nasolabial folds in a way that satisfies the patient.