Jowls are part of the face which develop from the hanging parts on both sides of the chin and appear with age. With aging and slackening of the tissues, this part of the face tends to sag. The oval of the face disappears and a tired appearance results. By erasing these jowls, the oval is reshaped and the face has a younger and more dynamic look.

Different techniques are used to treat this part of the face:

  • The first one consists in “cheating.”: a filling product is injected around the jowls area. Jowls make the face oval irregular and a hollow can be observed in front of and behind the jowls.

When filling in these 2 hollows, the oval of the face is harmonized and a fine jawline is created.

Doctor Natalie Rajaonarivelo uses hyaluronic acid in order to obtain an immediate result that she can manage.

For a satisfying and long-lasting result, hyaluronic acid should be adapted to the treatment of the contour and the volumes of the face.

  • The second solution consists in lifting up the jowls using thread-lift in order to return the jowl to its initial positioning. Thread-lift can be carried out with dissolvable or permanent threads. Doctor Natalie Rajaonarivelo uses dissolvable barbed threads made of polylactic acid because very few complications have been observed after the use of these threads.

The threads are placed under local anesthesia in the office. The result is immediately visible. Depending on the patient, the effect lasts between 6 months and 2 years.

A new implantation can be considered after this period if the patient desires.

  • Finally, the last solution is a face and neck lift. Facelift is more invasive but offers a more sustainable result. It will help reposition the jowls in an adequate position and reshape a harmonious face oval. The advantage of this procedure is that it provides the ability to treat other problems at the same time which are due to aging, such as  the blurring of the angle of the neck and the chin, the platysmal bands and the melting of the fat of the face.

After the surgery, social interaction may be avoided during 10 to 15 days recovery period. The effects last around 10 years. Another lift can always be performed after that period. Surgery does not prevent aesthetic medical procedures such as hyaluronic acid or botulinum toxin injections. All can be carried out in order to maintain the result over time.