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7 questions to ask yourself before having your nose done

In an article recently published in ELLE*, I read the testimony of the writer Alix Girod, from Ain (France), about the rhinoplasty she had done when she was young: « My nose, it’s a thing between me and me. […] I was relieved afterwards. I didn’t feel prettier, but it was as if I finally just felt like myself« .

And it’s true, having your nose done can change your life!

One thing is for sure however, this aesthetic surgery must not be taken lightly because, contrary to a medical rhinoplasty, it is permanent.

What questions do you need to ask yourself about a rhinoplasty before taking the plunge?


#1 How long have I been thinking about having my nose done?

Is it a recent desire or a project that I have mulling over for a long time? Has there been a recent – rather difficult – event in my life such as a divorce or break up, losing a job, a bereavement that would motivate this desire for change?

Additionally, the image conveyed by social media such as Instagram or TikTok, as well as filters that often shorten or slim down the nose, is the cause of numerous complexes for teenage girls and, to a lesser extent, teenage boys.

The nose is a highly symbolic area, an organ that can « be seen » and with which complexes are formed, sometimes real and justified, but often the consequence of a false or deformed self-image.

As an aesthetic surgeon, I must take into account the psychological factor. During a consultation, my task consists more particularly in determining if my patient is suffering from body dysmorphia (obsessive and unreasonable thoughts regarding an imaginary defect or minor imperfection in their appearance).


#2 Why do I want to undergo a rhinoplasty?

This question goes hand in hand with the first.

If there is one thing you should do for yourself, it is a cosmetic surgery procedure. If you feel that your companion, your family, and friends (personal and professional) are pushing you or suggesting you undergo this procedure and you are doing it « to please », it is no.

The motivation for undergoing a rhinoplasty must come from a deep need that must not be purely linked to what other people think but rather a desire to correlate what you feel and see to feel good about yourself.


#3 Am I ready for a visible and above all permanent change?

We could have dreamed of a new nose for a long time, calmly mulled over our project for ages, and be sure of ourselves, and yet…

Except for minor changes (for example a slight bump that we reduce along the bridge), some procedures, however harmonious and customized they are, will change the face permanently. There is no going back!

If you are ready, you and your surgeon must be in perfect agreement regarding the desired result because a nose can be objectively beautiful, but you won’t like it. Thus, anticipating the result with numerous photos shown as examples, 3D simulations, and communicating as much as possible is primordial.

Beware, healing involves living tissue and cannot be fully controlled, particularly as the final result is visible 1 year later. To a certain extent, you need to be prepared for some imperfections, even minor. As nature does so well. If this possibility bothers you, then it is better not to undergo the operation.


#4 Is it the right time?

Depending on the scale of the procedure, you will need to take at least one week’s sick leave to recover after a rhinoplasty, or even longer depending on your occupation.

The skin will be swollen, which can last for at least a month, and there will be bruising around the eyes, which will disappear within about ten days.

Although the change is immediately visible after removing the cast, the result is only considered final one year later, as the nose continues to change throughout this period.


#5 How can I be sure to choose the right surgeon for my rhinoplasty?

  • Any surgeon performing a rhinoplasty, and more generally plastic, aesthetic, and reconstructive surgery, must be registered with the French General Medical Council (Ordre National des Médecins) under this speciality. Each doctor registered has a unique 11-digit identification number (RPPS). You can visit the website and enter the name of the doctor you are searching for.
  • Check the reputation, expertise, and approach used by the surgeon regarding rhinoplasties. To do this, search on the Internet and then follow the recommendations of people you know who have undergone a similar procedure but also other practitioners and healthcare professionals.

Far from the clichés of identically shaped noses, nose surgery the French way is subtle, meticulous, and personalised. The nose must change (which is what the patient is asking) but in such a way that it blends perfectly with the face and anatomy without losing the charm of the individual. This organ, right in the middle of the face, determines its character. A rhinoplasty is an art!

  • Go and see at least two surgeons to gather their opinions and your feelings with regard to the consultation, the quality of the discussion, and the information given. Choosing the right surgeon for you means having confidence in them, which is essential! Communication between you must be clear, transparent, and healthy. It really is a question of feeling. Moreover, the practician must provide you with a clear, detailed quote, as well as documentation about the procedure (benefits, risks, open or closed rhinoplasty, procedure, recovery, etc.).

#6 What are the alternatives to nose surgery?

If you are not yet ready, why not have a « trial run »? For minor to moderate modifications and relatively uncomplicated cases, hyaluronic acid injections can be used to remodel the nose without surgery. The result is immediate and lasts between 12 and 18 months.


#7 Nose surgery: how much does it cost?

The cost of a rhinoplasty depends on the work and the complexity of the procedure, the surgeon, and where they practice.

On average, allow between 4000 € and 8000 € including VAT.


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