The breast lift with no T scar

The breast lift with no T scar

With age, the breasts tend to sag.

The standard treatment for sagging breasts is a mastopexy with T-shaped scars, which reshapes and lifts the breasts but has the disadvantage of leaving relatively large scars.

Fortunately, those T scars that patients so often fear can be avoided.

Indeed, in some cases, anatomical prostheses (which have the shape of a natural breast) can be used to avoid the scars.

Geometric considerations explain the reasons behind this phenomenon:

  • Traditional round prostheses are symmetrical, which means they are as full at the top of the implant as at the bottom. For light ptosis, inserting round prostheses will have the effect of increasing the volume of the upper portion of the breast and further causing the nipples to point downwards.
  • With anatomical prostheses, however, which are fuller in the lower portion of the breast, only the lower breast is filled and the areola is “projected” outwards, raising it.

As a result, using anatomical breast implants to treat light ptosis or pseudoptosis (when the breasts sag but do not droop) gives highly satisfactory results by naturally reshaping the breasts and leaving a nearly invisible scar, which is hidden in the fold underneath the breast.

Of course, since implants are used, this method is only suitable for women who are willing to have their breasts increase in size.

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