Pip implants

After the PIP, ( Poly Implant Prothese) implant scandal, the AFSSAPS (French Health Products Safety Agency) issued a release on November 29, 2011 reporting that of the 30000 French women with implants, only one isolated case of lymphoma was observed and that the patient was wearing PIP implants which broke in the breast where the lymphoma appeared.

Since March 29 2010, it is forbidden to produce, to export and to use PIP implants.

Health insurance covers the removal of the PIP implants and, in case of breast reconstruction after cancer, the replacement with other implants. Patients who do not want to remove their PIP implants need to undergo a clinical examination with medical photographs every 6 months. If a PIP implant breaks, it must be removed along with the opposite implant. Histologic exams will systematically be carried out.

Macrolane and breasts

Several surgeons and doctors have practiced breast augmentation with hyaluronic acid (Macrolane©) since it came on the market.However, in view of the difficulty of the radiological monitoring of treated breasts, the AFSSAPS ceased to allow the use the product in the breasts in September 2011. Macrolane can still be used in other areas which do not require a specific radiological monitoring, such as the buttocks.

Breast lipofilling

Contrary to other countries, including the USA, autografts of fat tissue in the breast were not supported by the SOFCPRE (French Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgery) due to data gaps regarding the evolution of the treated breasts.

Consensus was reached in this regard during the last SOFCPRE convention, from the 21st to the 23rd November 2011. Breast injections are currently allowed, including those for breast deformities (Poland anomaly and tuberous breasts) in young patients who have had the routine exams (mammography, ultrasound and MRI) and no family history of breast cancer. However, these

injections are strongly discouraged and not recommended for patients with abnormal breast medical photographs or with family history of breast cancer.

Fat injections can be used in the afflicted areas in case of breast reconstruction. It can be used after a mastectomy, for instance.

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