Breast prostheses or lipofilling ?

Lipofilling is a way of increasing volume without the use of implants. This technique consists in taking fat from areas where there is excess and putting it where there is not enough, for example the buttocks or breasts.

Lipofilling offers permanent results as it actually involves grafting fat cells.

In other words, the fat cells will live, instead of for example in saddle bags, in the breasts (or buttocks).


However, with lipofilling, not all the grafted cells will “take” and stay permanently. Some cells die. Up to 70% of the grafted cells remain after a lipofilling procedure in non-smokers, but this rate is sometimes only 50% in smokers, as smoking reduces the chances of the graft taking.

The final result of lipofilling is achieved after about six months. That is when we can see whether the fat cells have remained in place.


Of course, this technique can only be used on patients who have enough fatty areas. After all, it requires a significant amount of fat to perform a significant breast augmentation of at least one cup size, and thin patients often do not have enough fat. In this case, we must use traditional implants (for breasts or buttocks).


Lipofilling can be used on any areas that lack volume: buttocks, breasts or the face (to replace hyaluronic acid).


The purpose of lipofilling, even before creating large increases in volume, is to reshape and reharmonize the body by rebalancing areas where there is excess fat and areas where there is not enough.

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