Difference breast reduction ptosis treatment

Breast reduction or ptosis treatment?

What is the difference between a breast reduction and ptosis treatment ?

We can perform a breast reduction or treat breast ptosis.

In both cases, there are two objectives :

  • Lift breasts
  • Reshape breasts

In the case of breast reduction, the procedure involves lifting and reshaping the breasts, as well as reducing them by at least 300 grams per breast. For example, resection of 400 grams on one side and 200 grams on the other is not covered.

In the case of treatment for ptosis, we do not have to remove all tissue from the breasts and therefore not change their size.

In concrete terms, the difference between these two procedures is in the financial coverage.

– For mammoplasty (over 300 grams is removed per breast), the costs of the clinic stay, operating room and even the sick leave from work following the procedure are covered by France’s national health insurance.

The remainder to be covered by the patient includes the fees charged by the surgeon and anesthesiologist.

Depending on their complementary health insurance plan, patients can potentially be reimbursed for a good portion of the procedure fees.

– For ptosis treatment (less than 300 grams is removed per breast), it is a purely cosmetic procedure and no portion is covered by health insurance. Sick leave cannot be prescribed, so the patient must take time off for their convalescence.

Of course, we check the weight removed during and after the operation, in the operating room and in the laboratory. We systematically send any breast tissue removed to the laboratory. As, unfortunately, breast cancer affects one out of eight women, we must examine all tissue removed.

What happens after the surgeries ?

The post-operative period is the same for both mammoplasty and ptosis treatment. No bandages need to be changed. Only a medical bra should be worn day and night for the first month after surgery.

It is not a painful procedure in either case.

In fact, the surgeon’s experience is the way we can determine, before the operation, whether it is a breast reduction of more than 300 grams per breast or ptosis treatment of less than 300 grams per breast.

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